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Body Glove

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Inspired by all things water, California lifeguards and watermen Bill and Bob Meistrell constructed the first functional wetsuit, the Body Glove. Now, with decades of product innovations and the philosophy of doing what you love, Body Glove remains dedicated to supporting people's passions in and out of the water.

Experience the Ultimate in Water Sports Gear with Body Glove

Welcome to the world of Body Glove, where passion meets innovation and adventure knows no bounds. For over 65 years, Body Glove has been a pioneer in the water sports industry, crafting high-quality gear that empowers enthusiasts to embrace their aquatic pursuits with confidence and style. From surfing and diving to paddleboarding and beyond, Body Glove offers a diverse range of products designed to elevate your performance and enhance your experience on the water.

Explore Our Extensive Collection

At Barts Watersports, we believe that every water sports enthusiast deserves access to the best gear available. That's why we offer a comprehensive collection of Body Glove products to suit all ages, skill levels, and interests.

Dive into our lineup at and discover:

  1. Wetsuits: Designed for maximum comfort, flexibility, and warmth, our wetsuits are crafted from premium materials and engineered to perform in a variety of conditions. Whether you're surfing in chilly waters or diving to explore underwater wonders, Body Glove wetsuits have you covered.

  2. Swimwear: Make a splash in style with our range of swimwear, including bikinis, boardshorts, rashguards, and cover-ups. With vibrant colors, bold designs, and performance features, our swimwear is perfect for lounging on the beach, catching waves, or soaking up the sun.

  3. Surf Gear: Ride the waves like a pro with our selection of surfboards, surf accessories, and surf apparel. From beginner-friendly soft-top boards to high-performance shortboards, Body Glove has everything you need to carve, shred, and ride with confidence.

  4. Paddle Sports: Explore new waters and embark on exciting adventures with our paddle sports gear, including paddleboards, kayaks, and accessories. Whether you're cruising along calm rivers or tackling challenging waves, Body Glove has the gear to elevate your paddleboarding and kayaking experiences.

  5. Accessories: Complete your water sports kit with our range of accessories, including waterproof phone cases, sunglasses, beach towels, and more. Designed for durability, functionality, and style, our accessories are the perfect companions for any outdoor adventure.

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