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Dock Bumpers

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Our collection of boat bumpers features a diverse range of options to suit various boat sizes and dock configurations. Whether you're a seasoned sailor or a new boater, here you'll find the right boat bumper to protect your watercraft from damage when you're dockside.

Dock Edge and Corner Bumpers

Here at Bart's, we're boaters, too -- and we've seen countless cases of fiberglass damage and hull punctures from hard impacts on so many docks. That's why we've worked with some of the industry's top makers to provide a wide selection of high-quality, custom dock edge and dock corner boat bumpers.

Pick from our selection of bumpers to create a custom setup tailored for your boat, and designed to protect it for any mooring situation or dock configuration:

Straight Dock Bumpers: Straight dock bumpers provide reliable protection along the length of your dock, effectively cushioning impacts between your boat and the dock surface. These bumpers are available in various lengths to accommodate different dock sizes and configurations.

Corner Dock Bumpers: Corner dock bumpers are specifically designed to protect sharp corners and edges on docks, preventing damage to both your boat and the dock structure. Their angled design ensures maximum coverage and impact absorption in high-traffic areas

Piling Post Bumpers: Piling post bumpers are engineered to shield pilings and dock posts from collisions, reducing the risk of structural damage and prolonging the lifespan of your dock. These bumpers are available in round and flat profiles to accommodate different piling shapes and sizes.

Mooring Buoy Bumpers: Mooring buoy bumpers provide added protection for mooring buoys and anchor lines, minimizing wear and tear caused by friction and abrasion. Their durable construction ensures long-lasting performance in harsh marine environments.

Made Only From Marine-Grade Materials

Vinyl: Vinyl boat bumpers are highly resilient and resistant to UV damage, making them ideal for outdoor applications. They offer excellent shock absorption and are available in a variety of colors to complement your dock and boat aesthetic.

Rubber: Rubber boat bumpers offer superior durability and impact resistance, ensuring reliable protection against collisions and impacts. They are resistant to weathering and abrasion, making them suitable for long-term use in marine environments.

Polyethylene: Polyethylene boat bumpers combine lightweight construction with exceptional strength and durability. They offer excellent impact absorption and are resistant to corrosion and rot, making them ideal for saltwater applications.

Need Help Picking the Right Boat Bumper?

Selecting the appropriate boat bumper is essential to ensure optimal protection for your vessel and dock. Consider factors such as dock configuration, boat size, mooring conditions, and personal preferences when choosing your boat bumper.

Our knowledgeable team is available to assist you in finding the perfect solution to meet your specific requirements. Contact us here! We're available via phone, email, and chat.

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